Resale Property in Udaipur

We will spend hours working hard to sell your property. Here is just some of what we will do to get your property sold:

  • Before you even agree to hire us, we put in numerous hours researching the facts about your property and the specific market conditions of your neighborhood in order to determine whether or not ;we can help you. We have to ask you lots of questions so that we will know if we are the right agents for you.
  • Once you agree to hire us, we continue gathering information to help us SELL your property, and we spend numerous hours determining the best list price for your property and the expected selling price range.
  • We also spend as much time with you as necessary to get your property staged and set up to sell. We will address every part of your property, inside and out.
  • We will photograph the home and compose all of the advertising copy that will help attract agents and buyers to your property. Your home and all of its detailed features will be posted on all the major real estate web site including our web network
  • We will keep a file folder of all the legal paperwork that it takes to sell your property. We make sure buyers have the disclosures that they need so that you are legally protected. We check all title company documents to eliminate problems before they happen.
  • The number of showings and feedback from agents and potential buyers will give us additional information on how the market is responding to your specific house. We will gather all of the feedback on your property, report to you and advise you on any changes that need to be made to get your property sold.
  • Once a qualified buyer is found for your property, our work really begins. We will work full time from the time the offer is signed to the date of closing to take care of all the details that it takes to get the property actually sold. This involves coordinating with the buyers, the buyers' agent,the lender, the appraiser, the surveyor, the movers, the inspectors, the repair people, the utility companies, etc. This part of the process is usually the longest and sometimes the most stressful for you. We make sure everything runs smoothly and that the deal actually closes so that you can move forward with your plans.
  • After the sale, our work is not done. We must complete our own paperwork,Our follow-up to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work.

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