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  • Promotes and carries on the business as marketers, selling agents, commission agents of real estate, residential houses, flats, apartments and commercial buildings in India and abroad either independently or jointly in partnership, joint venture or an agency or sub-contract basis.
  • Organizes multilevel marketing services for all types of businesses.
  • Carries on the business of Agency, consignee agents, carrying & forwarding agents, distribution, wholesale, retail, import, export Mercantile Agents, Selling Agents, Contractors, sub-contractors or otherwise on any form, way / capacity partly in one form and / or partly in another for, whatever legally practicable and / or permissible on commission, allowances and or otherwise on any basis in merchandise, commodities, goods and articles of all kinds and varieties.
  • Undertakes and transacts all kinds of business and carries on and promotes any business, commercial or otherwise and acts as distributors, agents, contract man and / or indenting agents and takes part in trade fare whether for the company or on behalf of other persons anywhere in India or abroad.
  • Executes and carries out the sole agency or the similar agreement and may appoint some agent or distributing agents in connection with the above mentioned business of the company.

Details of Commission payable to Individual/Agents/Business Associate (Based on Collection Amount Slab P.M.)

For Real Estate Company

Collection Amount Slab (Rs.in Lakhs P.M.) Commission Rate (%)
Up to 10 Lac 1%
10 Lac – 20 Lac 1.25%
20 Lac – 30 Lac 1.5%
30 Lac – 50 Lac 1.75%
Above 50 lacs 2.00%

For Infra

Flat 1.5% on the amount deposited

For Credit Co-operative Society

As per society commission chart

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